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Your dream designer bag, now an everyday staple. Choose from hundreds of authentic luxury bags—all in excellent condition.


Enjoy the bag as if it were your own. We take care of the nicks w/ complimentary scratch insurance and professional treatment and cleaning.


When another bag catches your attention, simply use your free monthly swap. Use your gratis shipping and returns—just say when and where.


Take a deep dive into luxury fashion and experience 12 different luxury handbags per year for the cost of a coffee a day.


Sticking to just one is a thing of the past.

Each bag you see has
Fall in and out of love with every single one of our pieces—go through them all as quickly and as rabidly as you desire.

Staying on trend has never been easier.

Next day ship out.
Keep up with the supersonic fast pace of fashion without having to rob a bank! One monthly price means no hidden fees.

100% luxury designer brands, all the time.

We’ll take care of the
Never settle for less with our deep collection of luxury faves! Pick from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and 20 more designer brands.

No long term

Have full control of
You should only either be shackled in prison or by a man to your bed. You’re in complete control: cancel your subscription any time.



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[There’s] Regular variety and no commitment to buying one single piece!
Tatyana Bugayeva
Uncloset was the answer to all my fashion prayers. I could not only afford the subscription but I could experience a new designer bag each month.
Laura Blair
There's a nice variety of bags, customer support is top, and it's a service no one else is offering out there.
Ariella Amaral
Who doesn't want unlimited designer bags at a discounted rate?
Liv Knight-Butler
It's a great way to try out a bag you love before you actually invest in it or just wear different bags every month! I really enjoyed testing the bags myself!
Gabriele Gzimailaite

what makes uncloset great

  • Hundreds of luxury bags at your disposal at any given time.
  • Style roadblock? We have personal stylists on standby when you need a style refresher.
  • Keep up with the pace of fashion: you get unlimited exchanges for when you see a (new) pretty little thing.
  • No need to sell off your old bags to fund your next big purchase. Just click ‘Swap’ and a new one will be at your door in 2 days.