Frequently asked questions

How can I make an Uncloset account?

To register an account, click on 'Pricing' on our nav, and fill in the boxes with your credentials. A verification email will be sent to your inbox shortly after.

I forgot my password for my Uncloset account. How can I make a new one?

Simply click on 'Forgot your password?' in the Login tab, and you will be sent an email to help you reset your password.

I want to change my credit card information. How do I do that?

To update your credit card information, go to the home page and click on 'Account' > 'Personal Information' > 'Update Credit Card'. That will lead you to our Chargebee page where you can update your billing details.

How do I order a bag?

To order a bag, log in to your account and go to the catalogue. On the catalogue page, choose the bag you want and you will be directed to the payment window. Fill the boxes with your preferred payment details, and if you're using a discount voucher, be sure to fill that box in with the code as well.

How does the shipping work?

When you've chosen your bag and filled out your payment information, you will be led to our shipping window where you fill the boxes with your shipping information. Our partner courier (DHL) will contact you shortly after the order is placed and let you know your delivery schedule.

How do I arrange a swap?

Look through our catalogue and choose the bag you want next. Click on 'Swap' and tick on the appropriate boxes if you're using the same billing and shipping information. We have a policy that only allows us to ship your next bag out until we receive your previous order in the warehouse.

How do I return my bag?

"When you decide to return your bag, go to the Catalogue page, select your next bag, and click on 'Swap'. Choose between two return options: you may (a) drop-off the bag at a DHL Service Point or (b) call DHL at 0844 248 0828 to schedule a pickup at your address."

Why am I being asked for a return address if I gave out my shipping address already?

If your shipping address is the same as your pick-up point, tick the appropriate box. Should you have your pick-up at a different location, provide the necessary information in the return tab.

I'm moving to another place! How do I change my shipping address for my next bag?

Once you order your swap, fill out the shipping tab with your new address.

What's the difference between a swap and a purchase?

A swap means you're returning the Uncloset bag currently in your possession and replacing it with another one from the catalogue. A purchase means you're buying a bag from the catalogue.

What are premium items?

Only 80% of the catalogue is accessible with the base subscription of £149/month, there are exclusive bags you can order for an additional premium price. Depending on the bag, the premium price ranges from £19 to £39.

Why am I being charged extra for premium items?

The premium items are handpicked by the team because of their newness, estimated value, and the brand's reputation.

What happens when I damage or lose the bag?

Wear and tear is something that we, at Uncloset, will expect. We want you to experience your bag as much as you possibly can, and this means, it will pick up little nicks and scratches along the way. But when we determine that the bag is damaged beyond repair, you will be charged with the appraised cost of the bag. Should you lose the bag, you will also be charged with the appraised cost of the bag.