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Shopping Regrets: You’re Not The Only One

It’s Not (just) You, It’s Me (too)

February 23, 2017 8:26:50 AM


We’ve all been there before: saw it, bought it, hated it, never wore it. At the end of the day, all you can do is laugh at your story, or at ours. Here are some of our favorite shopping regret stories from us, our friends, and our favorite fashion insiders:

Dress to Impress? Undress is closer to the truth.

I’m both an impulsive and a lazy shopper—not a great combination. When I see something I really like in a store, I don’t always bother to try it on. And when it doesn’t work out, I rarely manage to return the item within the usual 14 days. One time, I panic-shopped for a dress for my friend’s wedding. It was expensive, the store was closing, the wedding was that weekend, and so I went straight to the counter to purchase. Tried it on for the first time the night before the wedding and the waist hung about 4 inches too low. I made do with a belt and was feeling quite proud of making it work. Photos came out only for me to realize that the fabric was insanely sheer. Flash photography was like an x-ray of me in my underwear!
- Marge, Social Media Executive

Starting Out: The Professional

After I landed my first full-time internship, I went through a phase of buying a new pair of heels almost weekly in the month and a half leading up to my start date. I was excited about kicking off my career and was dead set on looking polished and professional. Fast forward to when I was actually working and reality hit—I owned 7 new pairs of high heels all way past their return date after learning on day 1 that shuffling heavy boxes of merchandise and running around the city for clothes pull-outs are jobs best matched with a sensible pair of flats. I ended up with blisters, soft tissue damage, and a good yelling at for being late to every single shoot. Lesson very sorely learned.

- Anna, Beauty Editor

On Regret and Ramen Noodles

Ate ramen noodles, scrimped and saved for 7 months to buy the Louis Vuitton Twist. Two months later, they released a much nicer, updated version that made mine look like a sad last-season knockoff. Wanted to die. Might have cried a little.

- Cams, Account Manager

A Bad Investment

I have bought a couple of random pieces—like a Stella McCartney pinstriped skirt I was sure would revolutionise my wardrobe. I’ve worn it twice. And then Alexander Wang over-the-knee boots. They were an investment buy but they’re so hard to walk in I’ve only worn them maybe five times. And each time with immense pain. I remember we had a fire drill the first time I wore them and I had to basically crawl down four levels of stairs in them.

- Alison, Group Publisher (in an interview with WhoWhatWear in August 2016)

Awesome but Archived

I bought this awesome looking neoprene sweatshirt with fur sleeves that I envisioned wearing with a sky blue leather skirt from Patricia Fields. It's a big, sculpted, over-the-top number—which appeals—but it feels awful on! The inside is scratchy and sort or poorly made and I haven't worn it once yet! Things have to feel good to be worth it. Especially if they're outlandish things.

- Megan, Lucky Magazine (in an interview with Racked in December 2014)

Designer Dust Collectors

Buying an amazing item and then being so careful with it. I never wear it and don't make the most of owning it. I realised there's no point paying for something and then letting it sit there collecting dust.

- Dijana, senior designer (in an interview with Vogue Australia in April 2016)


Shopping will never be a perfect experience: shit happens. Which is why at Uncloset, we believe that one should have more than 30 minutes in front of a fitting room mirror to decide before taking the plunge at the cash register. Uncloset gives you the chance to try every single handbag in our collection with absolutely no obligation to purchase and the ability to swap a piece any time.


To all the fickle fashionistas out there: we welcome you with open arms—Uncloset champions the freedom to choose and change your mind.



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