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11 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Louis Vuitton Bag Online

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

March 14, 2017 7:51:21 AM




Being up late at night, secretly looking through online shops for good deals is a common occurrence, especially for us here at Uncloset. Sometimes you just need to feel that rush from a purchase that nobody needs to really see (or guilt you out of).

From time to time you’ll find an amazing deal that’s too good to pass up. It might be from a Russian website that also sells software, but hey, a new season Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 at £150 is a deal from the fashion gods. It’s just begging you to buy it. Then it arrives in the post, you open it up only to find that Vuitton is spelled with a B, the leather’s not real at all, and the zipper barely works. You try to return it, but poof the website is mysteriously gone, and you’re stuck with an imitation that could look legit if you close your eyes.

If this has happened to you, or is about to happen to you, then ladies, read this before you pull the trigger. We help you spot the signs between the real and the almost real.


About buying luxury goods online:

1. Only buy from legitimate re-sellers or the brand website.

If you have the budget to buy fresh from the store, kudos to you and your wallet—most high-end luxury brands and department stores have e-commerce websites for the UK. But if you’re looking for a great deal and don’t want to pay for full retail price (nor should you ever have to), it’s easy to find online stores that sell authentic pieces at a discount. Just do the research. Know the jargon of online selling; we promise it’ll help you in the long run.

2. Trust your gut.

If you’re getting a weird feeling about a site, it’s best to just close the tab and look for another site. It’ll be easier to do more research, than all of a sudden reading up return policies.

3. Read return policies.

Because the more you know about it, the easier it’ll be to chase down companies that do you wrong. It’s worth the 10 minutes you spend reading FAQs, than being faced with a ton of legalese when you try to return something.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for more pictures.

If it’s not readily available on the website (and all reputable websites and re-sellers will have photos of the bag they have taken themselves and not just pulled from the website), ask for more pictures of the interior, all the logos, the seams, the corners, the date code: it’ll be easier to see the actual condition the bag is in, plus it’ll be easier to spot red flags.


Basics about Louis Vuitton pieces

5. Material.

Louis Vuitton has been in the business of luxury goods for centuries, which means they get access to and will only use the best of the best materials available. There are some materials that will look good in photos but will be of poor quality in person. Try to find the bag (or at least the same material) on the Louis Vuitton website so you have something to compare against.

6. The Monogram.

The famed Monogram Canvas was originally made to deter counterfeiting, but ironically, it’s one of the most counterfeited materials in the world. There are four signature ornamentations in the Louis Vuitton Monogram (and this hassn’t changed since 1959, despite all the innovations Nicolas Ghesquière has done to it): the italicized interlocking LV, the fleur de lis, the inverted fleur de lis, and the quatrefoil. Diagonally, it should always follow this sequence: LV, fleur de lis, inverted fleur de lis, quatrefoils, LV. It will only ever follow that sequence, and will always begin and end on the same ornamentation. If one is missing or is out of order, close that tab immediately.

7. The Interior Logo.

This is where counterfeiters usually slip up: they will get the materials and construction as close to perfect as possible, but they will never have the presses that the brands have and have used for years. Seeing the interior logo is one of the main reasons to see the insides of the bag. If a vendor is hesitant to give this to you, then start looking elsewhere. Louis Vuitton is one of those brands that have remained consistent in their interior logos—look at a bag from the ‘80s and at a bag from this season, the interior logo will more or less look pretty much the same. These will always be perfectly centered on the leather patch it’s on, crisply embossed, and easily readable.

8. The Hardware.

Any and all hardware found in Louis Vuitton bags will always be very high-quality and will be perfectly sized for that specific model. The leather around it will be cut to perfectly cut the specific D-ring, or zipper in that area. This also means there won’t be a lot of movement between leather pieces and the hardware that interlocks with. It should more or less stay put. With the high quality of metals that Vuitton uses will come the weight: looking at pictures, no metal on Vuitton bags should look too thin or flimsy.

9. The Construction.

Look, Louis Vuitton has done this for centuries, they know exactly what they’re doing. They won’t put out an imperfect bag ever. They would rather burn it (more on that in number 11), than send out a less than perfect piece. You should see neither crooked nor loose stitches, no visible glue marks. To know what seams your bag should or should not have, it’s better to look at pictures from the Louis Vuitton website or other trusted sources. The lining will always be a high quality material.

10. The Date Code.

Knowing how to read the interior date code will help so much in telling you when your bag is made and where it is made. Louis Vuitton started putting date codes inside their bags in the 1980s. They have not stopped since then. How they’ve used it has evolved over time, but the latest iteration consists of two letters and four numbers. The first two letters are the country code, while the last four numbers will denote when it was made, down to the week. The date code on the bag should be consistent with when it was released, the interior stamping, and the current condition of the bag.


Bonus round:

11. Louis Vuitton does not have an outlet nor sales.

If any website or seller tells you that they sourced their pieces from a Louis Vuitton outlet or sale, close that tab immediately. Though there are some luxury brands that have outlets or stock in outlets, Louis Vuitton is not one of them. Any and all defective merchandise is burned before it even makes it out of any of the ateliers around the world. Any merchandise that was not sold will either be returned to Louis Vuitton or retain its price (depending on the type of store it comes from).


Armed with this knowledge, and a little bit more research, you are now ready to face even the shadiest of re-sellers. But before you pull the trigger on your dream Vuitton, why not try it out for yourself—without that deep monetary commitment. Uncloset has a variety of Louis Vuitton bags to choose from, all ready for you to use and abuse (but not too much). Get used to the leather, see if everything we’ve said on here checks out.


Go and play with our Vuittons without paying Vuitton prices. And best of all, you can trade it for another whenever you want!

See our Louis Vuitton selection now!


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