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10 Signs You Should Put It Down and Walk Away

In these cases, the customer isn’t always right.

February 23, 2017 9:30:48 AM


We’ve all been there: the eternal case of seeing something at a store, doing a double take, all the while having the “Should I or shouldn’t I?” debate. More often than not, this debate is settled with us leaving the store, questionable item in hand, only to be left in the back of our closets, resurging during our annual spring cleaning.


To avoid filling your racks with items you don’t actually wear, and unnecessarily spending your hard-earned money, here’s a list of signs you should watch out for to know when to put it back and walk away.


1. If you’re not sure about it, let it go.

It’s either shop with a purpose (which entails knowing what you need and what’s missing from your closet), or be completely in love with it. When you do try it on, and overwhelming joy isn’t your first, second, third, fourth and fifth emotion, then maybe it’s time to step out of the store and walk away.

2. You can’t mentally pair it with anything you own.

Sometimes, pieces of clothing have hard-to-ignore hanger appeal that you buy it on the spot, only to find out that it goes with nothing you own when you get home. Having a good idea of what you already have helps narrow the field in terms of what makes sense to buy. If the thing you’re trying on doesn’t fit with the rest of your wardrobe, unless you’re prepared to splurge on other items it will work well with, there’s really no point. The one exception is for strong, focal point pieces that are meant to stand on their own.

3. You have to buy special apparatus to even get it on.

We all understand the importance of Spanx (which you should already have in your closet), but buying special underwear or a forklift to pour you into that little number is definitely not worth it. A specialty item prerequisite is usually a good indication of infrequent usage: it’s a great idea for your wedding day, but apart from that, banish the thought.

4. Poor quality.

Often the purview of online and instagram shops with their beautiful, photoshopped, and expertly filtered images, knowing how to spot cheap fabrics, cheap embellishments, and cheap techniques will go a long way in helping you pick quality pieces that look tasteful and last longer. How to avoid the trap of gorgeous on-screen, disgusting in person? Read the fine print: high quality brands take pride in their craftsmanship and will take the time to include them in product descriptions. Trust the brand, not the photo.

5. You can’t wear it the minute you get out of the store.

And we mean those this-is-gonna-look-amazing-on-me-after-I-lose-the-weight jeans. Unless you’re actively doing something to get you to the size you want, you’re just taking the fun out of shopping and bludgeoning your self-esteem. Find pieces that make you look good now and are flattering for your body type. Embrace those curves, love.

6. It's uncomfortable.

No pain, no gain might be true for the gym, but not for fashion. Unless there’s a clear end in sight (aka, the 30-seconds it takes to snap your #ootd), suffering for fashion is a Hollywood-born myth: SJP in her Louboutins traipsing all over New York isn’t real. Painful bunions, itchy fabrics and straps that need constant adjusting is reality, and though you may think you can hide your discomfort, you can’t. No, really—people can tell. The secret to the effortlessly cool French girl? She’s comfortable.

7. It doesn’t fit well and will need major tailoring.

Fit is everything. And while tailoring is your best friend, if it will require complicated alterations (alterations that don’t fall on a seam or a hem), it will most definitely get more expensive, and unless it’s couture, paying the extra price just isn’t worth it.  

8. You’re only going to wear it once.

Regardless of how cheap you can get it, if you’re not going to be able to make the most of a clothing item, save yourself the trouble, the closet space, and while you’re at it, visualize the image of overflowing landfills of discarded discount clothing spilling into your yard space to give you the strength to walk away.

9. It fits in with your dream aesthetic, but not your IRL aesthetic.

Listen, we all have our dream closets filled with runway looks and couture gowns, but sometimes this just doesn’t translate to real life, be it for practical or budgetary reasons. It will be better for you, your closet, and your wallet, if you put down the Mugler leather jumpsuit if you’re not a 6 foot model going to a fashion party in a non-tropical country. Also, baby vomit does not come off leather easily.

10. You really can’t afford it.  

As lovers of fashion and food, we can tell you that any piece of clothing, any accessory, any handbag, is not worth skipping meals over. If it requires you to eat ramen for a month or it’s bordering dangerously close to your rent payment, girl, put it back on the shelf and keep it on your Pinterest board.

Tough love, yes, but we do empathise with the lure of all things shiny and new. We built Uncloset, because we, too, aren’t immune to the struggle. Subscriptions and on demand services like Uncloset enable you to indulge and binge responsibly—without the guilt or uncertainty, without the diminished closet space,  without the heartbreak of a misguided purchase, and most importantly, without breaking the bank!


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