The growing Uncloset team and the couch Uncloset was built on.

Uncloset was built upon three things:

  1. our team’s love affair with luxury fashion,
  2. the understanding that luxury is beloved by many but retail prices are often prohibitive, and
  3. the belief that the prevailing relationship with luxury fashion is backwards and broken.

We love fashion; so much so that this is our third business venture in the luxury fashion industry. Over the course of our experience, we’ve enjoyed a front row seat to new It Bags being released season after season, spreadsheets and purchase orders that document the constant rise in luxury prices, and witness to clients trying to liquidate their old bags in the second hand market to make rooms in their closets and their budgets for the new.

Though luxury, by definition, presupposes a steep price tag, we are keenly aware of the fact that a penchant for luxury handbags is unsustainable given how quickly fashion changes. Given the price of luxury, it’s therefore worth the extra effort to be absolutely certain—confident that you will not regret the purchase, assured that the item fits neatly with your wardrobe and lifestyle, and unafraid of having to maximise your usage and cost per wear.

Uncloset is our response to what we believe is a backwards and broken relationship with luxury. We buy all the best luxury bags we can get our hands on, so that you don’t have to. You’re free to take them out and use as you please, but you’re also under no obligation to purchase. There’s room for you to get bored, to change your mind, and to experiment—to ride each and every fashion wave as they come, without fear, without hesitation, and without the £4000 commitment.

When you subscribe to Uncloset, you can be assured of our team’s decades of experience in the fields of fashion and IT. We make absolutely sure that the pieces you subscribe to are 100% authentic, what your closet needs (or wants) right now, and that you be armed with the knowledge of a guaranteed true to life experience with an item before you drop the big bucks.

Welcome to the world of luxury on demand!